Louvre Roof

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Looking to extend your indoor outdoor living and maximise your outdoor space to cater for all weather conditions?

Our automatic outdoor louvres expertly combine the traditional New Zealand veranda concept with a modern louvred roof system to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space. Our team at Outdoor Edge will help you make the right decisions to enhance your indoor-outdoor flow and make the most of your outdoor areas.

Louvre Systems

The Louvre system we use is called “Bask outdoor louvre roof” and allows you to open your louvre roof system to take advantage of natural sunlight and ventilation or close it and provide a weatherproof shelter when weather conditions are unfavourable. We can also help with balcony balustrades Aluminium and Glass Balustrades and pool fencing to make your outdoor area safe.

Louvered patio cover

Bask Opening Louvre Roof systems are uniquely modular. They can either be free standing, attached to an existing wall or fitted into an existing roof or pergola. Whatever the project – you choose the configuration and we will build it to suit!

Our Louvres have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand with New Zealand weather conditions in mind. Get in touch for your free quote for installing louvres in Auckland or Whangarei.

Reasons to choose an Outdoor Edge Louvre Roof


To ensure utmost reliability and minimal maintenance, we have selected only the best German linear motor to operate our louvre blades.

EP Technology

To provide a more weather resistant roof seal, our unique louvre blades use End Pivot (EP) technology to sit only a few centimetres above the gutter when closed.

Integrated Gutter

To reduce rainwater leaks and provide a clean, seamless look, we have integrated the gutter into the outer beam, which also provides additional structural strength.

Gutter Box

We avoid ugly silicone gutter corner joints with our exclusive solid aluminium gutter box and cover plates.

Hidden Pipes

To provide an architectural finish, when the design includes a support post, we run gutter drain pipes down inside the post.

Screen System

To increase functionality of your Bask roof we have integrated (into the outer beam) an optional drop down screen system.